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About Pricesava.co.uk

Home and Kitchen Appliances from Pricesava.co.uk

The Pricesava.co.uk website has come about as a joint venture between 2 highly successful business people. Jeff Lees, Director, has over 20 years experience in the home and kitchen appliance market and brings his knowledge of this sector to Pricesava.co.uk. Stephen Goldsmith, is a technology graduate with an excellent understanding of websites and various online technologies. This combination has come together to bring you, what we'd like to be, the best online home and kitchen appliance experience online in the UK.

A great range of appliances - at prices that the high street just can't match

Unlike the high street stores, that have overheads for rent, rates, shop assistants, etc., etc. here at Pricesava.co.uk we're purely an online business. This means that our overheads are low - but our great relationships with our warehouse and distribution partners and suppliers means that we can still get you a great range of products very quickly.

For us here at Pricesava.co.uk, it's all about great customer service. Finding that winning combination of a great range of products at even better prices. We could do things like offer next day delivery on most of our products - but that would mean having a contract with a delivery company (or probably more than one to cover the whole of the UK) to be on stand-by to deliver at short notice. What would that mean? Extra cost that we'd have to pass on to all of our customers - not good!

And what about sales and discount vouchers? We just don't do them! Why not? Because that means we'd be selling products either at a higher profit for most of the year or making a loss during some of the year. We'd rather take a low margin all year round - and that means when you shop at Pricesava.co.uk you know that it is the very best price and that it's not going to be on sale at a lower price or that you've missed out on a discount code

So, shop with confidence here at Pricesava.co.uk at any time - we guarantee to give you the very best price all year round.

If you'd like to find out more about us or have any questions, please use the Contact Us page.


To all of you, from all of us at Pricesava.co.uk - Thank you and Enjoy the Store!

Stephen Goldsmith
Ecommerce Director